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A Home Workout Plan for Mothers to Lose Belly Fat Post Pregnancy

Every women has a sole dream that one day she will become a mother of a sweet child. As soon as she gets pregnant, everyone takes more care of her. She becomes more conscious about her diet and food she eats because it is not only for her, but also for her child who is in her womb. That moment is very special for every females  who are living thing in the earth, whether it may a human being,  animal, bird or any other creature. But after the post pregnancy, the body shape changes. During pregnancy she loved her belly fat but after the post pregnancy, the major problem faced by the her is the same fat. Now wondering how to lose belly fat after having a baby?


Lose Belly Fat Post Pregnancy


Before going to the exercises, let’s gain some knowledge about the stomach which help you to understand that how those exercises work and reduce the belly fat. There are basically two types of belly fats which are named as visceral and subcutaneous. The difference between both the fats are, the visceral fat are present in your internal organs which is not visible to you. The other fat, that is the subcutaneous lies beneath the surface of the skin which is visible to you. The presence of visceral fat is little dangerous and the reason behind your bigger belly is visceral. When there is the presence of visceral fat, it pushes up the subcutaneous fat which makes your belly look bigger. So, to have a healthy body and shaped stomach, you need to cleanse both the fats.

How to lose your belly fats

As mentioned earlier, there are a number of ways through which you can lose your belly fat post pregnancy. Here are just a few. But daily workout of the exercises which are mentioned below will gain you positive results.

  • Breastfeed

Many mothers say that breastfeeding helps them to lose weight after pregnancy. There is a simple reason behind this which is breastfeeding helps new mothers uterus return to its previous size. This will naturally reduce the belly fat and you will look much slimmer. Earlier, mothers used to breastfeed her child till the baby is around three or till the milk is stopped. But now it is rarely seen. There are some strong reasons behind those traditions which today we neglect. So, continue the breastfeeding till the milk is being produced. You should also know that the milk which is consumed by the child from your breast helps to develop him physically and also for his/her healthy growth. More the breastfeed, more healthier will be your child.

  • Avoid alcohol or carbonated drinks

In normal sense, drinking alcohol is not good for your health and especially for your liver. It causes many liver diseases which are known in general. So, consuming more alcohol or carbonated drinks after your pregnancy is not only good for you but also for your child. When you consume alcohol or carbonated drinks, you enjoy the drink but at the same time it is being consumed by your child too. After the consumption of alcohol, you breastfeed your child through which the alcohol is ingested by the baby. It also makes difficult to shift your stomach fat. It is also a known fact that drinking beer causes a round tummy. You are planning to reduce your belly fat rather than to increase. So, till the period when your baby is having breastfeeding you avoid consuming drink and carbonated drinks.

  • Eat right foods

You are planning to reduce your tummy fat so you need to have proper exercise. To complete your exercise efficiently, you need to have a good health and energy. Eating junk foods may not provide you the energy instead it may cause other problems. So, before planning to workout, make sure that you have a proper intake of healthy foods. Eating healthy foods will not only provide you energy but also help you to lose your weight and stomach fat. Have a healthy food plan which consists of fresh vegetables, especially green leafs, fresh fruits, pulses and cereals. You can take the help of your doctor or your physical trainer to create a food chart for you. Make sure that the food you intake contains high proteins and nutrients.

  • Regular exercise for your whole body

You need to have a regular exercise. They can include sit ups, push ups, yoga, etc. most of the women go for yoga which is very beneficial not only for their body but also for mind and stress relief. You can go for walk and jogging too. You can also exercise on spin bikes to lose belly fat quickly. Exercising on spin bike has been proven to burn more calories than treadmill. With just 30 minutes of exercise you can lose about 400 calories. Apart from this, the most beneficial exercise for your whole body is daily household chores. Instead of relying on others, you start completing the daily household works. It is the best workout which provides result as well as completes your house work. Ensure that your whole body gets exercise and not only your belly.


The belly fat will not reduce in a day. So, just continue your exercise daily and slowly you will notice the difference. This are the tips which are not a difficult one instead a normal day to day things which we neglect mostly. So, follow the tips and reduce your belly fat.

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