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The Spiritual Philosophy- Practice Yoga to Bond with the Spirit

The spirit is within us – not something that can be acquired from outside. It is inside you – it is you. One method of reaching to the self within is ‘breath’. Breath is the bridge between the spirit and the body. Yoga teaches how to control the flow of breath by linking it with physical exercises and postures.


yoga for peace

The practice of yoga helps us reach closer to the spirit. The final destination is the experience of this blissful radiance that is actually not just inside us but all around us. Self realization is nothing but dissolving our body-mind into the spirit.

In the process, yoga helps us become more aware and mindful of our body and surroundings. It tunes us to the needs of our body and mind. It makes us aware of what needs to be done or understood. The journey makes us feel confident of ourselves and believe in our innate abilities. It brings vitality in life and a refreshing change in attitude towards life.

Yoga benefits several planes of life – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It gives not just physical strength but also mental toughness and emotional stability. Yoga accelerates evolution of consciousness; it is not merely a personal fitness plan.

Meditative postures in yoga help free our thoughts. Several styles of yoga focus on this plane. Thoughts just come and go, and yoga teaches how to detach from them while not avoiding them. Anxiety and depression can easily be reduced and even eliminated. Anxiety and depression are just “thoughts”; yoga brings us to this realization. You have to go through the process to understand this. You can then have better control over emotions and be clear in your thinking process. Improved concentration is one of the first benefits that yoga imparts.

Yoga also deeply relaxes the body and improves physical wellbeing. A great deal of stamina, strength and flexibility can be achieved by doing yoga. This in turn helps us focus on the spiritual level of life – a healthy body makes for a healthy mind, and a healthy mind makes for spiritual uplift. Some styles of yoga focus primarily on physical fitness and can be used as stepping stones to further progress.

Control over breath vitalizes the body and helps sustain the benefits of yoga for longer periods of time. The breathing becomes smoother and deeper. Many people have the habit of holding breath especially during moments of stress. Yoga clears out the air channels and makes breathing easy, which has a calming effect on the mind.

Yoga is not religious – it is spiritual. Although founded by Hindus, the spirit belongs to no religion. The spirit is one.

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