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A Step By Step Guide To Practicing Sun Salutation

Sun salutation or surya namaskar is the starting point of any yoga session. It incorporates a series of asanas that prepare you for a comprehensive yoga session. Here is a step by step guide to sun salutation.

Sun Salutation

Stand straight with both your legs joined. Join your hands and place them near your chest. Your body should be relaxed. Now take a deep breath.

Exhale. As you exhale, bend downwards in the waist while trying to touch your toes with your fingers. While you bend down, make sure that your knees are straight. Also, make sure that your neck is not tensed.

Now inhale while you stretch your left leg backwards. Make sure that your left knee touches the floor. The right leg would be folded and the right knee would press against your chest. Both the arms would be straight, with your palms pressing against the floor. Stretch your chest forward while raising your neck upwards. Try to push your shoulders back.

Hold your breath and take your right leg backwards. Now, both your legs should be parallel to each other. Straighten both your legs with your toes touching the floor. Your knees should be above from the ground. Keep your arms straight, your palms pressed against the floor. Stretch your chest and keep your neck straight.

As you exhale, bring your forehead towards the floor. Bring your knees to the floor. Fold your arms in the elbows and draw your elbows closer to your chest. Your toes, knees, chest, palms and forehead should touch the floor. Your thighs, hips, waist or abdomen should not touch the floor.

Straighten your arms as you inhale with your palms pressing against the floor and your fingers pointing forward. You need to lift your upper body while your lower legs should rest on the floor. The body portion above the knees should be above the ground. Press your waist downwards while pushing your neck upwards. Make sure that your arms are straight.

Here only your palms and feet should be touching the floor. The rest of your body needs to be above the ground. Hold your breath and bend your neck downwards. Keep your feet and hands firm, while raising the rest of the body upwards. Make sure that you keep your knees straight. Your body resembles an inverted V in this position.

Now bring your right leg forward. Fold your right leg and press it against your chest with your hands by your side. This is going to be the same as step 3, the only difference being that in step 3 your left leg was forward.

Exhale and bring your left leg forward as you try to touch your toes with your feet. This is the same as step 2.

Get up slowly and return to step 1.

Follow all these steps and find yourself practicing sun salutation perfectly.

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