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Wear the Right Set Of Clothes When Practicing Yoga

Practicing yoga needs comfortable clothing so that you are able to perform the various yoga poses in a relaxed manner. Wearing proper yoga clothes helps you give your best in the most comfortable manner. Yoga clothes should be such that they may allow free movement in all yoga poses. Another important requirement of yoga clothes is that they should be able to absorb sweat. Such clothes will help to keep you dry, cool and comfortable.


right clothing for yoga

Proper size is another important point to be kept in mind while shopping for yoga clothes. If the clothes that you buy for yoga are not the right size then they may either be too lose to interrupt in your yoga practice or too tight for you to wear and practice yoga poses.

Let’s take a look at the various clothes that are just apt for you to practice yoga in:

Yoga pants

Yoga pants are useful not only for practicing yoga but they can also be used for Pilates, martial arts, dance, movement or exercise. Yoga Capri pants are better choice for yoga because they have very comfortable, loose-cropped legs. Yoga pants are available in different materials such as cotton, fleece, Lycra, CoolMax and Tactel. You can opt for the fabric that suits you the most and get geared up to perform the various yoga poses.

Yoga shirts

Like all other yoga clothes, yoga shirts should be lightweight and comfortable to wear. Yoga shirts are made of different materials including cotton, fleece, Lycra and are available in different colors. They are meant to allow easy hand movements while not interrupting with your postures. Women could also opt for comfortable camis that are just the right piece of clothing to practice yoga in summers, especially!

Yoga Tees

Men could opt for cotton or Lycra tees that are known to be the best for performing yoga poses. They are comfortable and look trendy. They could also go for hoodies and zippers as per their comfort level and choice.


Unitard provides coverage, support and comfort while performing yoga. It is usually made of durable, lightweight organic cotton or spandex with double-layered front and back panels and single-layer arms and legs. It is available in different colors and sizes. It is just the apt yoga clothing as it has no lose ends and is still very comfortable. Most of the players who perform gymnastics also wear unitards.

Breathing exercises, meditation techniques, as well as stretching exercises; all require the practitioner to feel comfortable. That is why choosing proper yoga clothes is very important. They not only help you practice yoga but give you the feel of being completely equipped for the task.

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